A request :)

Sometimes there can be people that can say things that have a sharp edge. And maybe you start hating them. I know one thing that is that one can`t ever go around without disliking any person sometime or the other. But i have learned one thing throughout the years which is the following: never hate the person but hate their actions. The person could have had a lot of reasons for the behaviour.

Ones` Iman will never be mukammil until the day you pray for the very next person what you would pray for yourself. So if someone ever hurt you again just start remembering that person in your prayers… Ask Allah to give that person the bestest of guidance and show the right path.. And keep safe and sound.. That would relieve your hurt, you would feel so much better knowing that your asking for the best for that person. Of course it will only count if you sincerely care for that person.. As you know as i do God knows everything and knows whats best for everyone.. 🙂

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