Words to live by :)

keep calm and wear your invisible crown

  • Your talent is Allah`s gift to you. What you do with your talent, is your gift back to #Allah.
  • Today people use more time in increasing their IQ instead of also using time on their EQ. We need more empathy in the world. “Wish for your brother what you wish for yourself. – Prophet Muhammad pbuh.
  • If you run after two birds, you’ll catch none. :/

  • People who judge others by their looks, has overlooked a great part of their personality, their conduct / character which is far more important.
  • If you want more blessings in your life help others. In whatever way you can. The prayers that comes from the heart of those we have helped ( even though they don’t say it out loud ) cannot be bought with any amount of money.
  • What might have been fun in your younger days, might not be as fun when you are older. Your thoughts about what is fun for you, changes as you become more mature and confident. The best thing is when you find your other half on the same “wavelength”, when it comes to having fun.
  • Never remind people of their pasts, they are not there anymore. (“,)
  • There is no elevator to success. Everyone has to take the stairs. One step at a time. ❤
  • We shouldn`t curse bad things when they happen. Sometimes good things comes out of the bad. It`s just that we are not patient enough, or aren`t paying attention to it.
  • People with inner beauty i.e good character becomes more and more beautiful as the years pass by. That is because their good conduct outshines their physical appearance.
  • Those whom measure strength with size has never been bit by a mosquito before. :/
  • People who accomplishes great business or somewhat success in work or personal life are those that are stubborn enough to not let any setback let them give up. They try a different approach every time they fall, which brings them one step closer to their goal.
  • We learn by experience from making mistakes and that experience over time develops into wisdom.
  • You might need make up to look beautiful, but you won’t feel beautiful if you’re not good from the inside.
  • Regardless of your looks, if you are genuine and good, you are beautiful. Even if the camera doesn’t catch the “kodak moment”.
  • One feels beautiful from the inside, with good conduct. Good people are always beautiful, but beautiful people aren’t always good.
  •  Ask for contentment rather than happiness. You cannot always achieve happiness, but in the mids of difficulties you can still feel contentment, no matter what happens. True contentment is to have faith in the decree of Allah, both good and bad.
  • The difference between laughing at others and with others, is the difference between negativity and positivity.
  • If you use your beauty to attract men, you won`t attract the right one. Real men don`t look for outer appearance they want a woman with her beauty kept inside of her. Real beauty of a woman is in her piousness, piety, haya, and being a good muslimah. #WhatIsBeauty #WhatAreMenLookingFor
  • Remember one thing that is very important, always let your parents know where you are, who you`re with and when your coming home, to prevent them from unnecessary worrying. 🙂
  • Be a person that makes other feel hopeful instead of hopeless.
  • We should always have faith in people`s ability to do good in life. 🙂 Sometimes the people with the worst past, create the best future.
  • Know That True Encouragement Can Lift Spirits To Places They Have Never Been Before. Paradise Is The Eternal Success. ❤
  • Treat others as you want others to treat you.
  • Some people might look beautiful, but doesn’t feel beautiful. It is more important to feel beautiful from inside, than looking great, because than you will spread the beauty to others. – Good Conduct Is Always In Style And Makes You Feel Beautiful ❤
  • There are a few people who are gifted to make other feel comfortable and relaxed in their presence. Our Prophet (pbuh) had that gift and many more 🙂  subhanAllah!
  • When you are nice other people take advantage of you. Be nice anyway, after all, it is not between the people and you, it is between you and Allah anyway. Pir Sahib
  • Don`t demoralize people with negative thoughts. Instead try to motivate them to become better, not by humiliating them but rather giving them something to be or feel inspired by.
  • #Smile is a #Style that is always in #Fashion 
  • Don`t count others`blessings, count you own. The same thing that in your eyes is other people`s blessings also has a backside which could be trials and tribulations. So by all means be thankful for what you have 🙂
  • Children are a reflection of their parents, friends or environment. Give them the best, and they`ll be the best 😉
  • If you can`t see other people happy with something similar you are blessed with, there is something seriously wrong with your Imaan!!!
  • A person with good manners would attract to him/her good friends/people no matter where he/she goes #GoodConductAttractsGoodPeople
  • Some people you know could be a freak in your opinion. That same somebody could be the heart of someone else. Everyone has their own opinion of what beauty is. Though I`m sure that #TheBeautyLiesInTheEyesOfTheBeholder
  • There is no real #Contentment or #Happiness without #Islam 🙂
  • If you don`t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.
  • Allah only gives as much difficulties as He know we can bear.
  • The brightness of a sincere smile can lit up any sad soul.
  • The older you get the more you realize that looks aren`t as important as having a decent character.#RealBeautyComesFromWithin
  • We don`t need things to beautify us. A wonderful character is beautiful in itself. It doesn`t need tons of make-up or perfume to come into the different clicks.
  • Being nice to people who are nice back is an easy task, but being nice to people who are mean to you is the most difficult task ever. And yet so important.
  • Righteous people are known through their good conduct.
  • What you give to others you get back tenfolds, so let it always be love, care and respect.
  • Don`t be the one that looks down at other people, they could be far better off than you in iman, but you just don`t know it. And Allah knows everything.
  • Belittling others is also not what a good human being does, one who has a sence of worth of human beings in themselves, just DON`T do it !
  • Nobody is perfect and each and every have their own faults, but if we try our best to single out the faults and try to become more pious, what can be wrong with that? 😉
  • It`s better to watch an islamic lecture that increases your iman and gives you the boost you need to handle the issues that arise in your life, than to watch a movie that decreases your iman and takes you further away from your deen 🙂
  • A wise person once said a sister is like a second mum, when your mum is no more, and a big brother is like a father when your father is no more.
  • Protect yourself from the supplication of the one who has been wronged, for there is no barrier between it and Allah. (Sahih Muslim).
  • We tend to be experts at noticing others’ faults and commenting on them. But we rarely tend to be experts on noticing the good they have and the right things they do in order to comment positively.
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said “Whoever guides others to do good, will have a reward like that of a person who does the good deed”.
  • No one LIKES to hear that they are wrong. Though it is obvious that no one can be right all the time. If you have to tell someone they are wrong, do it politely and privately, no one LIKES to be reprimanded in front of others. And do check your niyah (intention) first. Am I doing it to put the other person down or am I doing it to help the person to become better 😉
  • A wise man once said: “Use the stones people throw at you as stepstones to success”. With experience, I have understood; this quote is true. No person can stop your success. If others become jealous of you and try to throw stones in your way or a sarcastic remark, those stones become stepstones to your success. This success does not come from man, but from Allah because as Allah is always with the oppressed person. Allahu Akbar!
  • There is a thin line between giving someone false hope and cheering up someone. Do you know the difference?
  • Ramadan is not about the extravagance dinners and aftaris, it`s about becoming a better version of yourself and getting closer to your Maker 🙂
  • Joh savaari sab se kamzor or ghareeb hogi, woh qayamat mein sab se aage hogi. Who wins the run at the end, is what matters.
  • Putting words in other people`s mouth might give you a laugh today, but it will also make sure you are one of the losers on the day of account, the Judgment Day. #TruthPrevailsInTheEnd
  • Often what you see is that the children’s goals are not the same as the parents. If so happens when they choose a spouse for their children’s, who decides? If the children’s are big enough to get married, they should be big enough to be able to make their own choices. The parents should support them. After all, it’s their children that are getting married, not the parents. Right?
  • What your parents think is right for you, might not be what you think is right for you. Who decides?#TheGapBetweenParentsAndChildren
  • We should remember that if we are good at something, remember that there is always going to be someone who is better than us, so we should always be #humble and increase our #knowlegde.
  • It doesn`t cost a thing to lift someones spirit, but in return, that person will always remember you for helping them through their tough times. And voila, you have made yourself another friend 😉
  • Humiliating people in the name of religion is the practice of someone deprived of the first fruit of religion, humility. Nouman Ali Khan.
  • You are succesful when there are people who worry about you.
  • To say the right sentence at the right moment is a gift  It needs to be cherished and used in the way of Islam to benefit mankind. That will make you earn so much sawabh/good deeds that you can`t even count it, in sha Allah, ameen
  • Du kan være flink i noe jeg ikke kan. Kanskje jeg mestrer noe du ikke kan. Det viktige er å hjelpe hverandre til å bli bedre 😉
  • What kind of muslims have we become when we are happy when others fail and seek out their mistakes?
  • Aldri gi opp din drøm uansett hvor mye motstand du møter. Allah kan ordne alt. For alt vi vet kan lykken din være rett rundt hjørnet. Remember just #KeepGoing 
  • #Simplicity – Gotta love it 😉
  • Be careful with what you say, some day you might have to eat your own words.
  • We claim that we love Allah, but are we or our actions showing it? #WeNeedAChangeForTheBetter

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