What options are left for young adults?

Of the 5 love languages Dr. Gary Chapman speaks about, the most common love language for men is physical touch. Other authors as
Shaunti Feldhahn has said that men are visual. They experience attraction by the sight. This theory is for all men no matter faith, origin, color, culture. That means that when a muslim man is about 20 years. And he wants marriage. And the parents respond with «not yet». What are the options left for him keeping himself pure? He has to take the education in the same universities were interaction between gender is common. About 20-40 years ago the tribulations / fitnah / temptations were different than today. Many children regardless of gender reach puberty and maturity earlier than before. And additionaly the youtube. snap-chat, Fb, instagram etc is probably giving them some kind of sex education that is easily available everywhere. No matter the type of fire-wall. So what are the options left for todays youth to stay pure? Why are we making it difficult for young men and women to get married. Can’t we help them to take education at the same time? Isn’t it scary that its probably impossible that a man or woman today not having had a boyfriend / girlfriend before marriage. Especially if they don’t get married before the age of 30. And if they do strive to be pure. Without girlfriends / boyfriends than people make comments that they think they are gay. If we are putting hurdles were Allah gave us easier solutions. Didn’t Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that he chose the easiest and halal. This tension the youth are experiencing. This struggle. Is the only answer lower gaze, keep fasting 2 days a week and be modest? How can we close our eyes to the reality of these males and females love language can be physical touch? How on earth will they be able to remain pure? In an ordinary day, when we go outside our home. How often do we encounter fitnah/temptation? Think about the young youth. Who are already in the age, where they have to learn to control their emotions (anger, desires, sadness, joy). We need to open research for solutions that are bearable for them. Or else we’re gonna pay for the sins they will do in this time that we made it impossible for them to get married. Who would want that in their book of deeds? Not me.

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