The Sun Isn`t Always Shining :)

sunThe sun has it`s times when it is visible. It doesn`t shine all the time. Just like it`s not rainy all the time either. Sometimes when we experience a downfall it could be a way of redirecting us to something better. We can`t see the wisdom behind a decision that Allah makes. But Allah knows everything in the Universe. He has his reasons for making Decisions for us.

Whenever something negative happens in our life, one way to take out the negativity is to think about it in perspective. We injure ourselves but when we look in perspective we are living a healthy life. We get embarrassed about something in front of some people. What difference would it make in five years from now? All forgotten? People backbite us. It is not us they are harming they are harming themselves by giving all their good deeds to us on Judgment Day. The final deal isn`t that bad at all. When we look at the big picture we see what it really means. Not to mention that we are erased for our sins if we experience even a prick of a thorn. Imagine if you are permanently ill, it could lessen your burdens.

When something bad happens in a life also several good things can be around the corner, but we don`t always recognize them. For instance you were applying for a job and they you didn`t get it. Maybe because a better job is around the corner waiting for just you. It could be a house, a job, a spouse, children. We don`t know but Allah knows best.

So instead of being unhappy of the decree of Allah, let’s try to turn this around to be content and better things shall happen in our lives in sha Allah 🙂 To Conclude a quote :

“We all have bad days, but one thing is true, no cloud is so dark that the sun can`t shine through 😉

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