A Father Is A Father, He Can Never Be A Mother

fatherI am thankful and happy that my parents are still with me. Though not everyone is as fortunate as me. For some one or both of their parents have left the world. Whether growing up with one or none parents, it is as tough as it could be. When living in this world is difficult when you have your whole family. Imagine how it is like in case some of them have passed away? Not to mention in case one has siblings. Than the responsibilities for the family is standing in line to occupy your time.

A mother can take the place of a father but a father can never take the place of a mother. The way mothers care for us. Noone can care for us like that. Women in general are more nurturing than men. But mothers are special beings. They care for us unconditionally in a way only they can. Making sure that we have eaten, cheering us up when we are down, and making sure that were ok, knowing exactly how we are feeling even when we haven`t told them. Yes mothers are special beings sent from above.

If Allah has taken your mother or any parent away from you, remember that there is a hikmat, one thought of His, behind it. Sometimes Allah withholds something from us to give us something better. Other times he gives us something but sends trials along with the blessing. We can not understand His Works. All we need to do is have full faith in Allah. He does take care of everyone. Nevertheless He loves us more than what 70 mothers do. So if he has decided something for us, it IS for the BEST. We are not in a state to overrule His will. We need to have faith in His decisions in sha Allah.

Our parents love us dearly. They want what is best for us as well. As for our father, he is constantly worried for your if you have everything you need. He can never be a mother, but that doesn`t mean he doesn`t love you. Fathers has a different way of showing that he cares through making sure that we have everything we need, paying the bills etc that is how he shows his love to his children.

Know that with every difficulty there is one or multiple ease`s. If Allah has taken away something from you, he has given you other blessings where you are totally overblessed 😉 Alhamdolillah 😉 He works in His own ways. Whenever you feel down, try to count those blessings you have that are with you today, and you will feel better, in sha Allah. May Allah give Jannah to the parents that he has taken away from us and may Allah give us sabr/patience for the difficulties he has sent to us to test us. May Allah give long life to the parents that are with us and let us experience all of each others happiness and keep us steadfast on the deen, ameen summa ameen.

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