Your wife feels close to you when..

fun and easy marriage tipYour wife feels close to you when..

-You hold her hand

-You hug her

-You are affectionate without sexual intention

-You are with her alone so you can focus on each other and laugh together

-You go for a walk or jog.. anything that results in togetherness

-You seek her out.. Set up a date night.. eat by candlelight

-You go out of your way to do something for her, like run an errand

-You make it a priority to spend time with her

-You are aware of her as a person with mind and opinions. Let her know you enjoy discussing things with her and getting her insights.

-You suggest the unexpected.. get takeout and eat on the beach.. take a walk to see the full moon..

-You pillow talk after making love

Taken out of the book “Love and respect” Dr Emerson Eggerichs.

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