Allah loves you, but do you love Allah?

Love Allah

We know as from our own experience and growing up that our mother loves us a lot. I know I`m talking for many when I say that she is the one we love the most. She is the one who has always been there for us no matter what. She is the one that has supported us in all our matters and someone we can count on. We also know that Allah loves us 7 times more than what our mother love us. Can you imagine how much love that is? When we get hurt by something or someone, our mother is the first one to check how we are doing and is one of the first that comforts us and sees to it that we are ok. Can you imagine if Allah loves us 7 times more than our mothers, don`t you think Allah wants the best for us? Why don`t we than trust His decisions?

Allah wants us to attain Jannah

Allah loves us so much that he wants us to attain Jannah. He wants us to be guided and reach the real success in life and hereafter. What we need to do more is to trust His choices for us. When we don`t get what we really want then we complain a lot and sometimes stop praying as we don`t love Him. Why don`t we realize that his holding something back can be his way of redirecting us to something better that suits us more, or a way of purifying us. When we supplicate to Allah he answers our prayers, but since He doesn`t answer them the way we want to, we get disappointed and think He doesn`t love us. Allah answers prayer in these ways, 1. He redirects you to something better, 2. He gives it to you after purifying you, 3. He gives it to you in the Akhirah 4. He protects you from harm. What we need to do is to trust His choices for us and then we will be much happier and more relaxed.

Do you love Allah?

Another question is do we love Allah? This is meant for me as well. I mean we claim that we love Him, but are we following His guidelines? Are we doing the deeds He wants us to do, and not doing the deeds He doesn`t want us to do? If we are we need to be proud of ourselves. But if we aren`t we need to work on ourselves and get a deeper understanding of what Islam means, which is submission to Allah`s will. The remarkable muslims don`t have the will of their own, but follows the will of Allah. If we truly love Him, we need to show it in our deeds. If we are collecting many good deeds that is excellent. If we have a few deeds that are holding us back, we need to re-think and stop them from ruining our final reckoning in front of Allah on judgment day, and even in the grave. The final falah/success is with Him (Allah) no other way leads better to the way of Allah then the Quran and the Sunnah. If we are following it, we should be proud of ourselves. If we have some shortcomings, like every other person has, we have every reason to try to work on it.

After all what is love?

When we love another person, we know his/her likes and dislikes, we know what makes them happy and try do to that, and we know what makes them sad and try to not do that. We respect the people he/she loves and are close to him/her like his/her family, friends and other acquaintances. We know a lot and try to find out everything about them. Thinking of them makes us happy. Being with them makes us happier. Knowing that they loves us back make us happiest. If we change the name of the person with the name of Allah are we doing everything to please Allah? Do we know about His likes and dislikes? Are we trying to learn more about all His history? Do we love meeting Him when we pray, or has it just become a routine? All these questions need to be thought about and answered. Not for anyone else than ourselves, to help us become better. I am counting in myself as well. May Allah help us follow all His guidelines and love Him in the true meaning it means to love Him and help us and our loved ones to attain success in this life and the hereafter as well. Ameen summa ameen.

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