Our Prophet (pbuh) is the most beloved to us :)

Even though our Prophet (peace be upon him) lived since over 1400 years ago, he is and always will be the most prominent person in every muslims live. A hadith quote says, that if you don`t love Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) more than yourself, your family or any other being than your faith (iman) is not complete. So each and every person whom has Islam in his/her heart, will love their Prophet that much, if they want to be a better muslim. So when people attack someone whom we muslims love so much as stated before, what do you think will happen then? what kind of mind would be thinking of insulting someone whom we muslims have so close to our heart? I don`t care whether the movie-maker is a christian or a jew, what he did is wrong, and I`m sure every person with his heart at right place would condemn it.

At the time when our Prophet lived and from the time Islam began a lot of jews and christians got jealous of him. A few reasons behind that was that he wasn`t a jew, neither a christian. So they got jealous that their religion wasn`t valid any more. In the Torah and the bible it was written that there was going to come a new Prophet. But somehow they twisted what was written there and try their out most to hide the truth and twist it so that people would listen to them instead of Muhammad.

Our Prophet (pbuh), before Islam came was a simple person. He was known for being trustworthy, with the best character in the city. One of the first times when our Prophet (pbuh) was about to preach Islam, he asked the persons standing there, that if he said something would the others listen to him and apply it or not. They all said that they would trust him for that because he always conveyed the truth, was nice to old and children, neighbours and his family, he would never deceit anyone. Though when he conveyed what Allah has told him to convey, they turned their back to him, because they rather wanted to be better than him. Why was the message conveyed to an ordinary person and not some other of the tribe men that were rich and powerful. Though Allah wanted to show the best character ever in a person, and our Prophet (pbuh) had that character.

Some people are more emotional than others, when something insults the people they love the most, they can go out of hand. Though there is no excuse of killing an innocent life, that had nothing to do with the movie, I still understand that they did it. We muslims get provoked by these kinds of cartoons, and movies and articles that insult the being we love more than anyone.

We muslims don`t go around and insult other christians or jews. What we try to do or dais are doing is trying to convince them to accept Islam with clear proof. The reason is that we know that Allah has sent their message before our message came and we believe in that message. The untwisted version that is. But we also believe that Islam is the last message that will ever come and that our Prophet (pbuh) is the final Messenger. We muslims know how important our religion is for us, so we wouldn`t ever want to harm another person`s religion. Even our Prophet (pbuh) gave them protection from being harmed when there was a war between the muslims and the non-muslims. It is said in the Quran that if the person doesn`t want to fight, don`t fight him (in the war/jihad) he can pay a jizyah (tax) and he will given protection.

“If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for Asylum grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah, and then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge”. (Quran Surah 9:6).

So you see Islam gave protection to every person, even if they were non-muslims, as long as they wanted peace, and not war. If our Prophet (pbuh) was alive today, he still would have proclaimed the same message, he would have forgiven and tried his most by his character show that there is a better way then using violence. Killing an innocent life in Islam, is seen as killing the whole of humanity, and to save a human from bein killed is as saving the whole of humanity. So how could a person whom has such a beautiful message, approve of the hooligans in the different countries we are watching in the news?

We muslims should use this opportunity to learn more about our Prophets (pbuh) character and life and apply it to ourselves as we teach and share that to everyone we know. Use the negative for something positive, and one day there would become more muslims than ever, every time they try to harm Islam in any way. Because the people want to know the truth about the religion, so they start to study the religion to find out what it says, form the source Quran, and find the right way, and InshaAllah embrace Islam. SubhanAllah, we don`t know but Allah knows everything.

2 thoughts on “Our Prophet (pbuh) is the most beloved to us :)”

  1. Sunnah of Holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has complete lessons in each aspects of our lives. We just need to find out the knowledge of hadith in order to get spiritual guidance which may lead to the way of jannah.

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