Lets be fair and not judge other people by their weight or looks :)

dont judgeA lot of people judge other people by their looks. For instance if someone is very thin or has gained a bit weight people easily would remark those people as the thin guy/girl  or the fat guy/girl. This happens a lot in asian families if not also in the West. Some people would go so far that they won`t marry those girls whom may be a bit overweight then the usual. Judging other people because of their looks is the worst thing one can do, because all in all the looks is just the first impression it doesn`t tell you whether that person is nice or not. It is first when you get to talk together you find out the nature of other people. Sometimes we see people whom might be very good-looking, but when we get to know them we find out whether they are nice or mean.

It is the character  (the inner values ) which we can`t see but only know about that tells us what kind of person one is. Not everyone knows the art of speaking, but those whom can talk nicely to others are really quite gifted, and one can learn a lot from them.

It is very common that children and teens that are experiencing group-pressure easily judge other by their looks. Wether they are wearing the right brand of clothes that makes them cool or un-cool, is important to them. Though it doesn`t say anything about a person. The fashion-industry`s commercial directed to children and teens is the result of this. The company`s want to earn some money so they use the children to get that by influence in media. What`s the new hottest outfit, and whats totally un-cool to wear? The children or teens are not free to buy what they want. That`s why it is very important that the parents pay attention to this and what kind of pressure the children are put through going to school. And they should try their  outmost to inject the right universal values in them that looks doesn`t tell anything about a person, it`s their inner character that count`s.

I remember when I finished highschool. I was so happy that now I can wear whatever clothes I want without being judged by anyone. That was a few years before. No the teens are having a lot more pressurized life. Just look at all the different channels on television that are trying to catch their attention. No matter how hard the parents try, the children watch a lot of television each day. This is what we need to decrease or in some way try to make them watch quality programmes where they can learn something as well, either islamic or beneficial knowledge. Watching all the sitcoms at tv won`t make them smarter, funnier Yes, smarter NO.

What kind of adults these teens would grow up to be, we can`t assume. But one thing is for sure, if the parents and the fashion-industry don`t do their jobs right these kids can become very superficial and harmful, by their character. Instead of giving them more things give them your precious time and teach them the right universal values that would be so helpful for them in the future. Teach them something that can help them in becoming wonderful human beings that cares about others well-being no matter how rich or poor the other person is. After all,  “it might be their looks that give them their first job, but in the end it`s their character that would decide whether  they will get fired or keep the job or get an even better position in the same company”.

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