The blessed day of Jumu`ah

The whole version: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Said: Gabriel came to me with a clean mirror in his hand and said: ” this is Jumu`ah. God has made it obligatory on you, so that it may be a festival for you and after you for your followers. The Prophet (PBUH) said: ”What good there is… Continue reading The blessed day of Jumu`ah

Støttekontakt for barnevernet

Systemet i Norge gir barn mange rettigheter, men noen ganger ødelegger det mer enn det gagner. Årsaken er at vi muslimer har litt andre verdier om hvordan barn skal oppdras enn nordmenn. Forhold vi ikke liker blir sett på som vanlig i det norske samfunnet. Det kan skape problemer dersom barnet kommer på avveie. Enhver… Continue reading Støttekontakt for barnevernet

Receiving dowry and other desi-issues

Dowry is very common in India/Pakistan and is some of the reasons why people hate that they will get a baby-girl instead of a baby-boy. Because some day they will have to pay to get her married. Is someone buying her? NO, so why this tradition? We listen to the news that the family of… Continue reading Receiving dowry and other desi-issues

Are you reading or watching television?

A few years back I remember I was all into Bollywood or songs and all that it contains. Though in a period of time I started to think over what I was doing. I thought a lot about whether this would give me any sawabh and if it is morally correct to listen to songies… Continue reading Are you reading or watching television?

Going to the mosque :)

Before I went more frequently to the Mosque than what I do nowadays. There are a few reasons for that. For the first I think that it`s the Masjid`s people responsibility to take care of the new people who come and encourage them to come on different days they celebrate. Though what I`ve experiences is… Continue reading Going to the mosque 🙂