Pray for them, inshaAllah they will understand! :)

Some people just don`t get it, do they? Nope, they drive their cars like crazy, as if they own the road! But the truth is, no sir, you don`t. But you ow the road and the people driving. And you know what you ow them? No? okey I can tell, not once but repeatedly more than million times if you UNDERSTAND! Can you believe what happened to me today? Some crazy nutcase was driving behind me. I was driving exactly on the speed limit, as it should be. You know what he did? He drove on the other side trying to drive before me. And you know what happened? There was coming a car on the other side, which was the wrong side for him, but he was driving on that side. So I kept calm and decreased my speed, so he could come on the right side. That was almost a huge front-to-front accident! I can`t believe it! How some people drive like that. It so dangerous! You will only be able to come a few minutes before, driving crazy. The worst thought is that you might not even get to where your headed if you’re not careful driving! Just so that you know our families are out there driving. We should all be careful. There is a reason why we have speed limits, to prevent accidents. If people keep on driving like this than I pray to Allah that those people lose their licence, get caught by the police, and put in jail for some days so they realize what they have done.

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