Does the beauty always lie in the eyes of the beholder? :)

Your appearance talks for itself when you are seen at work, at home or at a gathering. Lately I have been experiencing this a lot, because I`ve started to wear a jubbah at work, which is a long dress that goes to your feet and long sleeves. You can only see my face and hands as everything else is covered. What I`ve noticed when I started to use the jubbah is that a lot of people treat me differently, from when they`ve seen me in a jubbah. I`ve experienced being laughed at, being looked down to, not being noticed, not letting me into conversations. Actually it has felt like people are walking around with so many prejudice in their mind, which they don`t even know about. People have even tried belittling me.

On the other hand there have been a few people who do wear jubbah themselves, that have really appreciated it. If I talk about myself, it feels great to wear a jubbah, and InshaAllah I am going to keep on wearing it:) It does give a sence of security and doesn`t feel that anyone is staring at you for the wrong reasons. I feel great being wrapped and not let anyone else see me. The funny thing is that I feel so much more free in a jubbah than without a jubbah. Is that strange? Maybe for some people, though for me it feels great:)

I must share to incidents that have happened:

  1. This is from one of the times I had started using a hijab. I was working at my office. I have three desks there so our other employes can work there as well on certain days. One of the time I was working there and one of our senior employees too at one of the other desks, a person comes in and wants some help. And instead of talking to me, who was closer than he ( he was actually sitting with his back against the door, while I was sitting with my face against the door) that person whom came to the office for some reason started explaining his issues to him instead of me.
  2. Today while I was giving training to a new employe, by the way wearing a hijab and a jubbah, a person comes into the office for help, and he addresses himself to her. So she listened when I actually found out what the issue was and helped him with it. It looks like I surprised him talking fluently Norwegian.

These to incidents and many more have made me thinking that people may actually walk around and think that Muslimahs don`t work in Norway, or maybe they do but don`t cover themselves up like I do. I wonder what would happen if some of our female bosses started wearing a hijab and a jubbah at work, would people look down on them? Just because of their outfit? And if they would, shouldn`t they actually rather be looking at her qualifications instead of her appearance?

And by the way in case your wondering ” the beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder”.

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