Allah ki taraf rojou..

I saw a program at Noor tv for a while ago that really got me thinking followed up by me reading Surah Younus from the Quran today. Yup I do think a bit sometimes:) But only a bit.. hehe 😉 The program was about the fact that we need to realize that all the displeasures and the pleasures one get in our life are all given to us from Allah Subhanatalah. Sometimes to test us, sometimes to teach us a few things about sabr and other times to punish us if we`ve done something against His will.

The point is to always Allah hi ki taraf rojou karna in good and bad times. To be thankful and ask for His blessings:) Living in Norway as we are, I must say we are truly blessed:) We need to show our gratitude towards our Sustainer for it. It`s so easy to only be praying in difficult times, but we all need to also be thankful for everything in our life that is great as well. I know I`m not always as thankful as I should be. I`m going to start from today and onwards to try to be as thankful as I can at all times.

One more thing I realized today:) Yup very comprehensive you see:) Is that if someone is trying to hurt us or doing any black magic, they actually can`t hurt us unless it is Allah`s will that He wants to put us through that hurt. Therefore instead of getting more agitated when one thinks about the fact that others are trying to hurt us deliberately, we need to pray to Allah that he protects us from evil people and their doings. Of course we should also be careful and not mess with people whom are dangerous at any cost.

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