Are beggars actually poor?

I`ve thought about this a lot of times when I`ve seen a beggar here in Norway. Beggars can be seen almost on every corner of town on their favorite spots to earn the most money. I have this idea that there might be some gang behind all these beggars whom collect the money from them. Haven`t you seen any beggar with a mobile? I mean how can they afford that, if they are begging. They must earn a lot then. In Norway I have a rule that I don`t give money to the beggars because I think it might be some people behind it all or that the people might use it to get drugs. So I`m quite strict with myself.

Though if I`d been visiting Pakistan and if a kid had asked for some money, I don`t think I could have turned them down. In Pakistan some people are quite poor and may actually have to beg, but in Norway things are a bit different. If people in Norway can`t pay their bills they can get help from the social security office. There is one thing I would like to point out though.. That is that I think ke Pakistan ke haalat is making it even worse. Woh iss sence me ke sometimes people send a kid or someone to beg money from people just to check how much amount of money they have, and later they rob that person. I`ve heard a lot of real happenings like this that has made it totally impossible to trust people when we go to Pakistan for a visit especially people you don`t know from before.

I remember when I was in Saudi Arab last year. There I saw a lot of beggars, women and children who`m had tied their hands behind, so that it looked as if their hand were cut or something, to earn money. The funny thing was that, yes they had a mobile phone they too!

A lot of people are misusing this too much. Which leads to people like us not believing in the majority of the beggars, they might be honest and might be in real economic trouble. It is so important that we help but it is more important that we are sure that the help we give is really helping them out of this situation somehow!

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