I love my parents :)

The two last weeks have been quite tough for us kyonke hamari nanni ammi Allah ko pyari hogai. Mum has been very down and its been a very tough faze for all of us. All the time I`ve wanted to make the pain vanish from Mums heart. But I know that it`s only time that can lessen the pain some way, but take it away, no I don`t think that`s possible. Allthough nanni ammi has been quite weak the two past years we weren`t ready for this. I must say that our family has supported us so much and comforted Mum a lot.. I am so thankful for that..

I haven`t met nanni ammi so many times so I was not that close to her, but it did hurt even so. It hurts the most seeing mum very down and not knowing what to do.. It`s been very tough.. Both mum and dad went away for a week to get some rest and get there mind on something else. I`m glad they are back and mum is a bit happier..

I guess no matter how old one becomes one will always be a child in the heart. I remember the past week I`ve been calling them everyday, and it felt so good talking to them, knowing that they are ok. And listening to their stories from the trip made me feel as if I was with them the whole time..

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