The reasons why i enjoyed my stay at Makkah and Madina last year :)

I don`t think I will be able to list up all the reasons but some of the main reasons  which I wanted to share about why i enjoyed my stay in Saudi Arab are:

  • The whole energetic feeling of being at a holy place 🙂 Simply wonderful 🙂
  • The feeling of nearness to God seeing all the holy places at Madina and Makkah. You come so much closer to Allah Subhanatalah.
  • Whenever you listen to the azan everyone leave every work they are doing and head for the Holy Mosque. If someone has a shop they close the shop. The feeling of tazah iman and unity when all the people are heading to pray for the one Allah Subanatalah. Thousands of people are hastening towards prayer and wants to come in time not to miss the first part.
  • The azan itself so beautiful to listen to. A call for everyone toward success in life.
  • When all the people are standing united reading the prayer. Even the most richest and the most poorest people, they stand together all alike.  Only their pukhta iman (the most Godfearing) differs them from each other which only Allah knows best.  All at the same prayer reciting the same verses.
  • The recitation at the prayer is very beautiful and they recite very slowly. I really appreciate that a lot. In the mosques in Norway they recite talawat so rapid in the prayers. So I feel ke Madine and Makkeh me ziada mazah ata tha, ke you get fully into the namaz.
  • All the men, women, children cover themselves fully. Kisi ko dhekte ke waqt sharam nahi ati.

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