Live and let live!

Someone should write a book about this subject. To live and let live. I mean you have probably sometime in your lifetime come across people who get very jealous of you when you succeed in something. The so-called leg-pullers. They would probably do anything to avoid you become more successful than them. It`s a tough world out there cause you can find these people everywhere. So sometimes to protect oneself and your loved ones, one has to withhold some information. Because if they catch the whole info they as the leg-pullers they are would do anything to not let you succeed. You know like if someone buy`s a new car the next day someone might have put some scratches on it just because their jealous of your success. It`s very important to not have these kinds of people as your friend, but more importantly don`t ever do anything that would make them your enemies either. Cause they really know how to make others`life miserable. Meaning sab ke saath bana kar rakhein. I know it`s tough, but that`s the only way out. And next time when you meet a leg-puller and he/she asks you where you’re heading tell the opposite direction of where your going 🙂 Just in case 😉

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