Learning from others`experience

I`ve thought about this several times that one actually always learn best from one`s own experience rather than someone else`s experience. I believe that that is the best source of learning. Well oki let me elaborate what I mean 🙂 I think it`s very important to listen to our elders be it a parent or anyone elder in the family.  But to a certain age the kids or the youth should be given the opportunity to learn from their own experience. Like you for one tell the kids this is like this and that is like that, and then you give them free chance to make up their own choice, right. You know they`re not going to listen to you hehe 😉 But anyway, you give them your lecture hmm.  And of course they act something you told them not to do. But you see now you have them in your hand 😀 Because from this they`ve learned that what the elders say is actually, well it actually makes sence and is for their own betterment. So next time you say anything to them, they`ll be thinking like he/she was right last time maybe he / she is right this time also 😉 And from there you have your kids in your hands 😉

And another important thing never ever let the kid inside of you grow up. Once that has happened there is no way back. Like a saying in Norwegian “aldri gi slipp på barnet I deg..” But of course this does not mean that one neglects ones own responsibilities. As an adult one has certain responsibilities to ones surroundings, keep fulfilling them as best as you can:) Letting the kid in you stay alive means: let`s have some fun:) Thats all 🙂

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