We`re just friends

What do you think about girl and guy friendships after marriage? I`m not married yet but I do have my own opinion about it. For the people whom say it`s OK I just want to ask one thing, which goes out for the guys of course: would it be OK for you if your wife had a male friend whom she had contact with. I`m sure about one thing even if the majority wouldn`t admit it, I`m positive they`ll be against it. Yet themselves having all kinds of friendships with other girls is happening. Even though the wife is surely against it or perhaps is unfamiliar with it. What she doesn`t know wouldn’t do her any harm, right? What about the day she finds out? Wouldn’t her world just fall together that day?
I think that there is no such thing as “we`re just friends”. And after marriage this will not be accepted by any woman whom has the right values.

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