Gotcha :p My kind of thinking.. :)

Looking at things differently:)
There`s always some time one can feel a bit down about something.. Those who are strong regain their strength and bounce back quite quick. I`ve learned a few tricks that make me feel much happier whenever something or someone tries to drag me down. I wanna share them with you:

  1. See the situation in perspective. Do you have the people you care around you? Are they doing fine?? Are you and your loved ones healthy? If something has happened; someone said something, will it matter in a month, a year? 5 years?
  2. Exchange the negative thought with a positive one 🙂 Once in a while our thinking may get us down and sometimes our negative thoughts can really be hard to get rid. If you can manage to input your brain that you have to exchange your one negative thought with a positive one. TRUST ME! You will feel so much better. It`s the pattern of negative thinking that we need to erase. And that can only be done by thinking positively. So when you change your thinking one by one there`s no limit to how nice you will be feeling knowing that WOW this isn`t that bad after all. Let me give you an example: You`re at home making dinner and somehow the dinner doesn’t taste that nice. Maybe your first thought would be negative. But exchanging it with a positive like even though it tasted terrible today. I know how to cook; thinking about the times when the dinner tasted terrific and everyone enjoined it and praised the food.
  3. Noone knows everything but everyone knows something 🙂 Nobody is a master in everything 🙂 I know something that you might not know and you know something that I might not know. Our knowledge makes us unique and together we are unbreakable 🙂 One continuously learns from their experience either you fail or you win. Looking at failure as a learning experience is the key here.
  4. Make achievable goals 🙂 Each and every person has some goals in their life. We all want to make our best effort to achieving them, simply cause we want the best outcome. Make small goals in the start which leads to a bigger achievement in time. And when you have reached your goal simply make new ones. Never stop! As one can always become better. Without goals one will find oneself living like something`s missing, a feeling of emptiness. This is not healthy at all. Write them down and make sure you do revalue and rephrase as you make your achievements. Always remember to give yourself a pat on the back when you do achieve a goal 🙂 As it would keep your spirit uprising and shining 🙂

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