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every blessing is a testEvery human being is blessed in some way or the other. Some people are though more blessed than others. We human beings have this fault in us that it is easier for us to count other people`s blessings rather than our own. We have a nice car, a beautiful house, a giving job, yet still when someone else receives some blessing from Allah, we tend to get a tad bit jealous. Have we forgotten how Allah has blessed us numerous times? For All we know the one that is recieving a blessing we are jealous of, has probably worked hard for sometime to achieve it? Or had a time of difficulty which now has become a time of ease. We don`t know but Allah knows, right 🙂


The richest of people

People who are content with what they have, are the richest of people. Subhan Allah! What a wonderful quote from our beloved Prophet (pbuh). Surely that is just how it is. People whom despite not having everything in their life, are content of the decree of Allah, are truly those people whom have experienced true happiness and contentment.


Things that distract us from our relationships

Think for a moment. Why are does those children playing in the slums of Africa or Asia look happier than children playing in Europe, despite they having all kinds of playgrounds and toys here. Maybe because they are content with the decree of Allah, and are not as distracted by everything around them like we. Living in Norway I see sometimes that children have all kinds of distracting things with them. Almost all the time. Internet, games, Facebook, iPhone, Ipod, Ipad, Tv etc. These things are nice time-killers, but they also steal the time away from children, and even the adults. Giving us less time for relationships. We are getting distracted by all sorts of things that doesn`t even allow us to give our devoted attention to people around us.


Look at those below you, rather than those above you

Our Prophet (pbuh) has said in a hadith, look at those beneath you, instead of looking at those above you. That would make you happier and more content with what you have. If we always compare each other with those that have more than us, we would be living a race that never achieves it`s goal. Because as the world is developing likely are people buying and getting more things in their luxury life. The world is not going to stop to develop nor are the people going to stop buying new things. So what should we do than? Whenever we are dazzled by something, we should always look at those that are less fortunate than us. That would lead us to become more thankful for those blessings we have in our lives, give us true contentment and voila we will feel grateful.


When we are grateful Allah gives us more of His blessings

Do you know what`s so great about feeling grateful? Allah says in the Quran that we should be thankful for the blessings he has showered upon us. And not be arrogant. We are arrogant when we don`t realize that we are truly blessed. We are arrogant when we aren`t thankful to Allah. Allah says that be grateful and I will give you more. Just think where that will lead us if we try to apply that to our lives?


A test can be a blessing, and a blessing can be a test

An important fact to remember is that when you see that someone is blessed with something, the same thing could be a means of trials and tribulations for the person that you are thinking about. For instance you see, children and money are seen as a blessing. Though Allah has said in the Quran that money and children are all means of trials. He will send us trials through these blessings to see who of us are better in deed. So every blessing has it`s backside. You might not see it, but reality is that it still is there.


After every difficulty there is ease

So what to do then? When we see someone may be perhaps more blessed than us. Remember he/she might have experienced a great deal of difficulties before Allah sent those people an ease. He is probably worthy of that blessing. We can`t see the hikmah, the knowledge that Allah has about the circumstance. Only Allah knows that. What we can do is to think that with every blessing there is always a backside. So be grateful for what you have. Truly Allah knows who he blesses. And All of us are blessed with some kind of blessing, either we recognize it or not. Lets be those true submissive and grateful slaves of Allah that can see all the blessings in their life, in sha Allah. Let`s start our day with saying Alhamdolillah. Allah gives us another day each time we wake up in the morning to do something for our religion. Lets try to make a difference. In sha Allah ameen.



To conclude i would say, count your own blessings, instead of counting others`.  And be happy with what you have by looking at those less fortunate than you. Alway know that with any blessing there is always a backside that we might not know about. Know that Allah is trying us by giving us blessings, to see who of us are best in deed. Be content with what you have and Allah will shower you with more of His blessings, in sha Allah. Ameen. Ya Allah make us your pious worshippers and keep us steadfast on the deen, give us sabr to face the challenges in our lives, and give us true guidance to follow everything you have commanded us to follow, ameen summa ameen.

I know that the one person I`m the most strict with is myself. I put my standards very high and if something happens I get very disappointed in myself. Although I`m not known as the strictest person at home and certainly not from my nieces but I know in myself that being like this must be some of the reasons why I sometimes can be very strict towards some of my loved ones. Sometimes maybe my expectations are too high or their actions beyond my understanding which leads to me feeling very let down.

Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if one managed to not expect anything from anyone? If someone than did something nice you would appreciate it and if they did something less nice you would just brush it off your shoulders and move on.

Wow, wouldn`t that be nice? 🙂

Someone should write a book about this subject. To live and let live. I mean you have probably sometime in your lifetime come across people who get very jealous of you when you succeed in something. The so-called leg-pullers. They would probably do anything to avoid you become more successful than them. It`s a tough world out there cause you can find these people everywhere. So sometimes to protect oneself and your loved ones, one has to withhold some information. Because if they catch the whole info they as the leg-pullers they are would do anything to not let you succeed. You know like if someone buy`s a new car the next day someone might have put some scratches on it just because their jealous of your success. It`s very important to not have these kinds of people as your friend, but more importantly don`t ever do anything that would make them your enemies either. Cause they really know how to make others`life miserable. Meaning sab ke saath bana kar rakhein. I know it`s tough, but that`s the only way out. And next time when you meet a leg-puller and he/she asks you where you’re heading tell the opposite direction of where your going 🙂 Just in case 😉

Having good friends can be alfa omega for anyone and everyone.

Having good friends can be alfa omega for anyone and everyone. Some people who supports you when you do something right and of course tells you how wrong you are when your doing something totally wrong! Did you know that when you help someone in doing something wrong you are just as much to blaim as the sinner and you will get just as much gunah. Not only for helping him/her but also for not stopping it.

One thing I`ve learned lately is that staying quiet doesnt resolve anything. The issues just increases because so many misunderstandings develop. It is better to tell someone how you want to be treated. You decide how you want to be treated! It would be easy to just laught it off or simply play dumb as you didn`t get the sign. Believe me when you stay quiet the other person thinks that he can bend the rules a bit further. Enough is enough..

I believe it`s the values your parents have injected in you as you grew up and after you`ve grown up it`s mostly the people you hang with. Your friends! If you have good friends that have the right values, believe me YOU are saved! Or if you have enough insight in seeing who`s your real friend and who isn`t. What kind of friends you have says a lot about you as a person. What I`ve always heard from my parents is that “aap apne doston se pehchanein jaate hain” . If you`re seen around with a friend that is known as nice, people will think that you are as he is, cause he is your friend. On the contrary, are you seen with someone who doesn`t have the right values, people will think the same about you. A bad friend will give you the inside scoop on how he managed to do so well in being bad and getting away with it. Please look around. Are your friends giving you good advice? Or messing up your life more than before? You do have a choice to stay positive no matter what. Though people we spend time with mostly our friends have great impact on us and our personality.

Make sure you have people around you with good values.. 🙂

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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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Surah 105 Al Fil

Let not man be intoxicated with power, Or material resourses, They cannot defeat. The purpose of Allah. So Abrahah Ashram Found to his cost. His sacrilegious attack On the holy Fane of Allah brought about His own undoing:what seemed but frail Destroyed his mighty hosts in a day!

The foolproof tip of the day for everyone else!



(",) My Mum always says that
you should marry someone
who loves you more than you
love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

Mood :)