I`m a Pakistani girl born and raised in Norway. I love to read, go skating, listen to naats. I am trying my best to learn as much as I can about Islam, the Quran and the Sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh). Not only to read about it but to also implement it in my life, In sha Allah. Please keep me and the Ummah in your duas, In sha Allah and I will keep you in my supplications, ameen.

Have always been fascinated by the beauty of Norway.. Especially in the winter time.. So love skiing a lot. although I`m not born with skies on my feet 😉

I will write about all that comes to my mind, to share my thoughts about life.. Lately it`s been a lot of posts about Islam and behaviour. My goal is to one day become a Mohsin, I will write about my experiences on that road of becoming a better human being and a Mohsin, In sha Allah, ameen summa ameen. May Allah make it easy for me and the Ummah, ameen.

        1. My favourite colors is green.
        2. My favourite songs are ” You light up my life”, “Butterflyz”, “Never felt this way”, “Jorey bante hain”, “Women`s worth”, “If i ain`t got you”.  🙂
        3. My favourite tv channel is Peace tv or Noor tv, I don`t watch that much television though because I don`t have time.
        4. I like to listen to lectures from a lot of admirable people whom talk about Islam and how we all can become a better person and a better muslim/muslimah.
        5. People I admire or look up to are those whom have a positive mindset, whom don`t put others down, whom respects others and spread niceness, people whom spread info about Islam, either it`s one sentence or a paragraph, every dai whom wants others to become a muslimah/muslim, people whom try to push others towards becoming a better human being and a better muslimah/ muslim, people whom themselves are good muslims, People whom don`t kick others when they are down, people whom have values like our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I have met people whom if they say the shahada they would be far better muslims than the majority of muslims i know, it`s simply incredible, just because of their akhlaq. We muslims have so much to learn from our surroundings. Hope they one day find the true meaning of life and Islam. Ameen summa ameen.
        6. I love spending time listening to nasheeds mostly, though a few songs as well sometimes 🙂
        7. My favourite food is biryani or pulao, or anything that`s halal and made with care and love 🙂
        8. My favourite nasheeds. So many, can`t name one, cause that would do no justice to the hundreds of nasheeds I listen day in and day out.
        9. I read salat, read quran, do dhikr and try to read more to increase my knowledge about Islam and to implement it into my life.

Have a blessed day!  I hope you enjoy reading the articles in sha Allah. Ws:)