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Depend only on AllahWe are dependent of Allah. He is our Creator if he wouldn`t have decided that we would be in this world, we wouldn`t be here. He created the whole universe. If it wouldn`t be for Him the earth might not have been today.

We as muslims believe that all good comes from Allah. Sometimes when something good happens in our life, we take the credit ourselves. But the true credit goes to our Creator. If He wouldn`t have willed it to happen, no one could have made it happen. The same goes when He protects us from some calamity. It is His rahma that is surrounding us and giving us good and bad things, to see if we have patience in times of difficulty and if we are grateful in times of ease. When our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to pray, his feet would become swollen. When he was asked about why he didn`t pray less when his past and future sins are forgiven, He (pbuh) said: “shouldn`t I be a grateful slave? “. Subhan Allah. He (pbuh) has set the standard.

We claim that we are muslims. We claim that we love Allah and our Prophet (pbuh). But are we actually being true? I mean just imagine, someone you love is telling you that there are certain things he never did, because they are not good for us, and on the other hand there are certain deeds used to do and set the standard of what and how we should be. If we are true in our claim, we would avoid as much as we can the things he avoided, and do more of those deeds he did. Are we actually following those rules and regulations Allah has set and our Prophet abided to?

Subhan Allah! If someone asked you to jump off a high building or from the top of a roof, would you do it? Most of us would say, no because we are afraid of getting injured. So when some people invite you to do something that is forbidden, why do you say yes to that even when you know it`s not good for you. Ok so we have some bad influences in our life, but we still have a choice to say no, this is not good for my Hereafter, so I`m not going to do that. Being able to say no to bad stuff and yes to good stuff is what self-respect is. The fact that you love yourself so much that you are not going to take any chances with where you are going to spend the eternity of your life. The lowest level of iman is to hate something that is bad, but not doing something to stop it. When your imaan become so strong, that you are able to stay away from bad deeds, you are a muslim. Don`t you want to reach the highest level that a slave of Allah can achieve, to become a mohsin? May Allah make us achieve the goal of Paradise Firdous, ameen.

Do you think that if you put stones in the way of others success you would be able to stop them from succeeding? Why not rather become the encourager so you can earn every good deed others do, after they have heard it from you and take a share in the blessings?

Ma sha Allah ❤ If you are trying your best, than you deserve congratulations from each and every muslim. If you are not, than we need to take a deep look into our hearts and try to change for the better. And if you have started the journey and trying your best to make it to the better end, than may Allah guide you more and help you more. May Allah help and guide each and every one of us so we become a mohsin and when Allah and our Prophet would look at us in the hereafter, he would smile. May Allah Make the whole Ummah like that. Ameen. Wouldn`t we be blessed if we experienced that? 🙂


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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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Surah 105 Al Fil

Let not man be intoxicated with power, Or material resourses, They cannot defeat. The purpose of Allah. So Abrahah Ashram Found to his cost. His sacrilegious attack On the holy Fane of Allah brought about His own undoing:what seemed but frail Destroyed his mighty hosts in a day!

The foolproof tip of the day for everyone else!



(",) My Mum always says that
you should marry someone
who loves you more than you
love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

Mood :)