Good Deeds Done Persistently :)

Once in a while I think in the direction that what makes a person mature? Some people matures before others? Is it correct to say that those who take more time in maturing have a better character than those that suddenly change their behaviour? I`m thinking about behaviour. Sometimes we see people who suddenly change… Continue reading Good Deeds Done Persistently đŸ™‚

The disease of ar-riya and the cure for it :)

Sometimes one can have in oneself different things that one does not know enough about, to prevent oneself from. One of these actions is ar-riya or ostentation. Below there will be mentioned different aspects that show the signs of riya and afterwards you can read the cure for such disease also. May Allah help us… Continue reading The disease of ar-riya and the cure for it đŸ™‚

The Eternal Abode Heaven :)

Laughter and joy and lots of light, that`s how our eternal life will be like. A place where there won`t be any sorrow, not any grey day, blue day or horror. We will be safe and sound with all our loved ones, reading salah and praying for each other. Our home would be like a… Continue reading The Eternal Abode Heaven đŸ™‚