Chuggl khaur jahannami hai, even on FB!

Chuggle khaur is the person whom try make daraar between two people by saying or doing stuff that isn`t true to make two people go further away from each other. You can find these kinds of people everywhere. Some of them are jealous over your accomplishments and would want themselves to be in you shoes.… Continue reading Chuggl khaur jahannami hai, even on FB!

Love is what should make babies come to this world :)

Most of us love children and want children in our lives. When I look at people I see a lot of them plan when to have a baby though for some it just happens. My opinion is that the children should only come to the world if there are two people whom would love the… Continue reading Love is what should make babies come to this world đŸ™‚

The believers increased in faith :)

After the Prophet (pbuh) suffered calamity at Uhud and the idolators went back, he feared that the idolators might try to come back and he said, "Who would follow them?". Seventy men volunteered. This was recorded by Bukhari. "Those unto whom the people said: "Verily, the people have gathered against you, therefore, fear them". But… Continue reading The believers increased in faith đŸ™‚