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Sometimes one meets people one get a long with, or you dislike something in them, and in fewest times they become your enemy. We people are different from each other and some people i get a long with, you might not like at all. Each and every have their own way of thinking and behaviour, either they bring them closer or further away from each other.

Sometimes things one do in one’s life can make people disliking them. Other times their attitude towards life brings them closer to each other.

If some people have ever hurt you some time knowingly or unknowingly in your life, pray to Allah and forgive them. Because no-one can know what the intention of the other person was. There is one hadis where a sahabi was in a war against non-muslims where one of his fellow sahabi was killed. The killer got seized by a sahabi that saw him killing his fellow sahabi and was going to kill him when he said the shahada (embraced Islam). Even though the sahabi heard him say that he believed in the God of Muhammad the sahabi killed him. When this news came to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) he approached that particular sahabi whom killed the new muslim and said over and over again that did you see his heart, how could you know if he was saying the truth or not, i.e how could you kill him when you didn`t know. SubhanAllah! Only Allah knows our intentions. Even if someone hurts you, it could be that it wasn`t his / her intention to do that and that it wasn`t on purpose.

The Prophet has said many times that the person whom loves for his brother what he loves for himself has his emaan on the right place. Meaning pray what you want to happen to yourself, that it happens to the whole Ummah, not only you, but everyone. When you do that one of the Angels that are with us humans 24/7 would say ” and you shall have something similar”. SubhanAllah! The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us to be sincere in our religion, and when we are miraculous things happen. Either we get what we prayed for our we get a substitute that is far better than what we wanted. Allah knows best 😉 We pray and pray that Allah give me this, give me that, but only Allah knows if that thing or that person is good or bad for us. And as Allah wants, so happens. If it is meant to happen nothing can take it away, and if not, nothing can bring it closer. Be content with what you have. Allah knows what is best for each and every and the best to decide. If Allah has decided something for you, be happy and contended and know it is for the best.

Actually if you love someone and that person is someone else`s don`t use too much energy in making that person’s life miserable. After all if you truly love that person you would actually pray that he / she is happy, you wouldn`t make his /her life more miserable. If you would do that it isn`t love, that is obsession and hate. And where there is obsession and hate there is no room for love.

When we show gratitude to Allah he bestows us with so many blessings that we can`t even imagine. Just keep on praying and being sincerely thankful and so Allah will make your life the most pleasant life ever. Because when we are truly thankful to Allah and that can be seen in our conduct Allah showers even more blessings on us. And voila 😉 you ARE happy 😉

It`s not hard, you need to believe that everything happens for a reason. Most of the things that happens to us is pre-decreed. Although we are entitled to change some by what we do in our life, because we have a mind and can differentiate between right and wrong. But Allah knows what we are going to do in every situation of our life, so he has recorded it. Believe me sometimes something happens to us, and we cry to Allah, that why did that happen, and it goes a couple of years and we see why. Yes , because something better was going to happen, and to give you that something better, Allah needed to take something away from you in order to give you something much better.

It`s incredible, but I know now that Allah knows best, and you if you do not know, you will InshaAllah soon find out 😉 SubhanAllah! Be happy with what you have and you are of the richest of people. SubhanAllah 😉

When you put your trust in Allah nothing can or will go wrong, inshaAllah. Even if it comes hurdles or troubles in the way, inshaAllah they will disappear when you pray to Allah. SubhanAllah. Allah doesn`t let one prayer go un-answered, so why should we ever lose hope in Him. SubhanAllah!
Though there will always come people whom deliberately will try to put you down, the leg-pullers that they are. Maybe because they are jealous or that they can`t see other people happy. Some wise people said that if you can`t see other people than you happy than there is definitely something wrong with your imaan. Allah in leg-pullers ko hidayat ata farmayen. Ameen. May Allah bless us all in every possible way. Ameen summa ameen. Remember to always pray the five prayers on time they are supposed to be prayed, and keep on asking Allah for every help ever, He is the solution to all our issues. SubhanAllah. May Allah bless us all. Ameen summa ameen.

I wrote a poem, which I would like to share:)

jihad nafs

When you care of other people.

When you help them smile, is it simple?

You can receive so many blessings by one word.

Say Saalam to fellow beings in a way that shows thankfulness not a sword.

Fighting in the cause of Allah can be done in many ways.

Some say the enemy is shaitan some say jinn or man.

Reciting Drud or ayats from the Quran keeps the enemy far behind.

Auliyas teach us dhikr, which increase our darjaat buland.

From their dars and knowledge we have been many times enlightened.

The Sunnah speaks a magnificent speech.

It melts hearts and leads way to Hereafter Paradise.

It inspires our behaviour and fills us with positivity and peace.

No matter where we are, Allah is always there for us.

Him we rely on in good and bad times.

He helps us through difficulties in every circumstance.

We are the slaves of Allah, always remember that!

Also dai`s in our faith always stand for that!

We believe in the same God only different names.

We are all equal no person is better than the other.

Only in terms of taqwa not just by our sound belief.

A lovely naat i like to listen to.

Sarkaar ye naam tumhara sab naamo se hai pyara
Is naam se chamka suraj or chamka chand sitara

Hoa har so khoob ujala, hoa roshan aalam sara
Mera naam karein gha roshan, do jag mein naam tumhara

Lehron ne meri ye kashti, har janib se hain gehri
Sarkaar khabar lo meri, sarkaar khabar lo meri

Ho mujhko aafiat ka, mere aaka jald kinaara
Mera naam karein gha roshan, do jag me naam tumhara

Sahil ho tere dar ka, milein mujko bheek karam ki
Rakh laaj eh mere aaka, is mere chasm-e-nam ki

Karon gumbade khazra ka, ankhon se apni nazaara
Mera naam karein gha roshan, do jab mein naam tumhara

Meri arz khudara sun lo, mere haal pe mere mujko na chordon
Zara apni chasme-inayat, bebas ke taraf bhi mordon

Bebas ka tum ho sahara, bechar ka tum ho chara
Mera naam karein gha roshan, do jab mein naam tumhara

Joh mujh par beet rahin hain, woh kis ko kaise bataon
Or apni dil ki hiqayat, bhala kis ko ja ke sunayon

Tumhi mehram-e-raaz ho mere, mere dad rasi ho khudara
Mera naam karein gha roshan, do jag mein naam tumhara

Mera naam karein gha roshan, do jag mein naam tumhara
Mera naam karein gha roshan, do jag mein naam tumhara

One would become a better dai by being a better human being. We can`t call ourselves good muslims by all the backbiting and lying each and every person does. By working on our universal values, we can be better ambassadors for our religion as well. Sometimes in between my work and home i sometimes get the idea that i want to become a dai. Though actually we are dai`s each and every Muslim/Muslimah. Other non-muslims learn or think what Islam is by the muslim people`s conduct. If we are good muslims from our heart and obey the rules and regulations in islam than also the non-muslims will want to become successful as well by converting to Islam. I`m counting in myself in, that I need to learn more about Islam and strive to become a better Muslimah. I have seen that some people neglect what our Prophet has taught us about Ikhlas. If we with the hadis sharif manage to put the ikhlas of our Prophet in conduct than inshaAllah we will see people around us wanting to learn more about Islam and being eager to talk to us about it, because our Prophet has the perfect conduct anyone could ever have, MashaAllah.

When we will portray the true message of what Islam is by our conduct, we would become wonderful human beings and second we would inshaAllah one day become better muslims. Discussion is healthy, but what we need to focus on is ikhlas in every matter, also in discussions, so that the people would want to learn more about our Prophet, whom has taught us this behaviour. If we win all the arguments then the other side might become angry and lose sight of what is right or wrong, because in anger one can`t think right. Though if we are genuinely kind to others like our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was kind, in our conduct than that would rub over on our surroundings, be at work or home and they would also inshaAllah want to become a Muslim/Muslimah.

When we read comments of articles or blogs at different islamic sites, we see muslims almost fighting with non-muslims or being very rude when they answer them back, they would think that every Muslim/Muslimah is like that. And because of that they won`t want to become muslims. When we from our conduct give a bad impression of Islam by not following it correctly, people will go away from Islam. What kind of dai`s are we then? The opposite of what we actually should be, don`t you think? I`m not saying that we should be flattering to everyone, i`m saying that we should be genuinely kind like our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was.

The conclusion is that we as muslim should learn more about our religion and be sincere in adhering it to our daily lives, so that other non-muslims would inshaAllah admire us and want to adopt our behaviour that we have learned from our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) into their life. This would push them to learn more about our Prophet Muhammad and Islam. We are dai`s either we want to be it or not, it comes along with the tag Muslim/Muslimah, so let’s do the best of it 😉 When it is our responsibility we would also be questioned about it from Allah Subhanatalah on judgement day. So why not make such a wonderful impression that we InshaAllah can achieve jannah in account of it 😉 Ameen summa ameen.

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My Prayer..

“O Allah, place light in my heart, and on my tongue light, and in my ears light and in my sight light, and above me light, and below me light, and to my right light, and to my left light, and before me light and behind me light. Place in my soul light. Magnify for me light, and amplify for me light. Make for me light and make me a light. O Allah, grant me light, and place light in my nerves, and in my body light and in my blood light and in my hair light and in my skin light.” Ameen

Bukhari and Muslim

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Surah 105 Al Fil

Let not man be intoxicated with power, Or material resourses, They cannot defeat. The purpose of Allah. So Abrahah Ashram Found to his cost. His sacrilegious attack On the holy Fane of Allah brought about His own undoing:what seemed but frail Destroyed his mighty hosts in a day!

The foolproof tip of the day for everyone else!



(",) My Mum always says that
you should marry someone
who loves you more than you
love him, because that man
would never ever make you cry
or be the reason that your
sheding tears. He would do
anything to always keep you
happy and satisfied (",)


(“,) Your heart is mine and mine is yours, and so it`s been since I`ve known love`s true meaning itself, holding each others hand we stand together beneath the lovely sky, gazing towards the same destiny, just U and I (“,)

Naat/hamd-Quote of the moment :)

Saari duniya ke liye dard
se mahmor hain jo..
Ik faqat Rehmat-e-aalam
hi ka seena dekha..

Ye sab tumhara
karam hain Aka
ke baat ab tak
bani hoyi hain..

Ehsas dein toofik dein..
Phir jazbaen Siddiq dein..

Kya ye zarra likhein
Shaan Unki, jin pe
bejhein Salaam
khud Khudai..

Quote of the moment :)

Though we might sometimes
have to struggle through thick
or thin,We will receive each
other’s support to be there to
win..And we will blossom like
this through eternity..
Ameen summa ameen

Når du er forent med en
du elsker, er det ingenting
du ikke klarer :)

Gode ord skaper tillit.
Gode tanker skaper
Inderlighet. God
giverglede skaper

Mood :)