Putting aside all your worries..

Just a poem i wrote today for some motivation:) Want to share it with you:) Putting aside all your worries, relieving your heart with love and tears of joy, I pray that you always are Happy, without any tension and sorrow-free. Some days are tougher than others, because of the hurdles and troubles, Know that… Continue reading Putting aside all your worries..

Guy meets girl or girl meets guy, after commitment?

A marriage is a sacred bond. And almost all of the people whom are married are aware over the fact that having a girl and guy friendship even after you have committed yourself to someone is not the best thing to do. Would you have liked it if your wife to be had a few… Continue reading Guy meets girl or girl meets guy, after commitment?

About asking from ghairullah

I really adore Pir Alaudin Siddiqui Sahib and like to watch Noor tv whenever i get time for it. I often watch his dars and it is MashAllah very enlightening. I remember today he was speaking about the fact that if every Muslim or Muslimah live their life according to Islam then inshaAllah also their… Continue reading About asking from ghairullah

Shun the word that is false

Lying is something that is so common these days. People tell lies without thinking about the consequences and without any God-fear at all. What will make the liars to stop telling lies? Every person has one time or the other told a lie. The people need to understand that the lying wont give them anything… Continue reading Shun the word that is false