I`m just a girl.. Don`t mind me..

I`m the youngest one of my siblings, where i have mostly brothers. As being a girl and the youngest one is not the best combination always. Don`t take me wrong. Although it`s great to have brothers and everything they might be a bit overprotective about what`s happening in your life, and wants to protect you… Continue reading I`m just a girl.. Don`t mind me..

No clue as to your kids whereabouts?

It`s our responsibility to inject our kids with the best values, hobbies and positive attitude, to do our best to prevent them going astray. Kids need role models to which they can be inspired to keep them on the right path. I know there`s a common issue in asian families that when kids come into… Continue reading No clue as to your kids whereabouts?

Want some good advice?

Throughout your lifetime you are often faced through circumstances that prevents you from taking right descisions. It could be that you don`t have the ability to trust yourself or that you sometimes get so confused by what others say. I know people who have been given wrong guidance from their surroundings, be it anyone, which… Continue reading Want some good advice?